Thursday, April 20, 2006

Chicken supreme

Yesterday after my shopping expedition, I came back to the hostel, hung out a bit with Carrie, an American girl who`s my roommate now, took a nap, then got up and went to dinner with a bunch of English and American people. We went to the same corner restaurant where I got my chicken sammie the night before -- sort of a dive but they serve up a nice, fat steak and keep the bread coming, so I can´t complain. We were sitting around the table and someone pointed out that this was the first time they had been in a group of only Brits and Americans -- whoa! We toasted to US-UK relations, cheers!!

After a couple of glasses of wine and a chicken supreme (don´t ask) I was feeling lethargic and ready for bed. We all went back to the hostel and goofed off for a few minutes, then I went to bed and slept like a log. Woke up this morning at 10, went to the gym, and came back just as it started pouring rain, oof! It has been raining all day, so there was not much to do except go online, watch TV, change my flight (leaving Saturday now instead of Friday), and eat. Carrie and I went back to the SAME restaurant on the corner for a nice, filling lunch. I am becoming a regular there!

Hostel is having one of its gringo parties tonight, so we´ll see how THAT goes.

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  1. Anonymous11:06 AM

    Oooh, I love chicken supreme. We used to serve it in the pub I waitressed in during my university days.