Monday, April 24, 2006

Confused in Mendoza

I am back in Argentina! I woke up early this morning, intending to run, but when I saw how pitch-dark it was outside, stayed in bed. I had breakfast with Marg, then caught the micro down to the metro (both of which were madhouses, by the way -- a far cry from the ghosttown that Santiago was yesterday), then got on the 9:30 bus to Mendoza.

The ride was beautiful -- to get to Mendoza from Santiago you take a winding path through the Andes and pass a deep blue lake (el Pasillo?), as well as the tallest mountain in South America (which, to be honest, didn't look that tall, but that is because we were up so high I think). The bus conductor dude took a shine to me and kept trying to strike up a conversation, but all I wanted to do was read, snooze, and look at the sights. At one point, he wanted to draw my attention to something outside the window so he grabbed my face to show me. Unnecessary. He also insisted on grabbing my hands as I was coming off the bus each time, even though I really did not need his assistance. He was a touchy feely kind of guy.

I got into Mendoza in the afternoon and went to the hostel where my friends are (supposedly) staying, la Damajuana. It is on the main, fun street, Villnueva. In fact, I remember seeing this hostel last time I was in Mendoza and thinking it looked more lively than the one we were staying in. Since I couldn't locate any of my three friends, I went for a run (oof) to the Parque San Martin, then came back, showered, and looked for them some more, to no avail. Where are they?! Fingers crossed that I find them!

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