Sunday, April 16, 2006

Large and Lovely

I think last night was the icing on my Buenos cake. Let me start from the beginning...

During the day, some of us went to La Boca, which is an area with one brightly colored street, El Caminito, and outside of that, a bunch of crappy houses and crime. El Caminito is cute, with lots of artisan shops, little bars, caricature artists, performers, and plywood cutouts of tango dancers where you can stick your own face in! Love those. Anyway, we ate in a touristy bar with a tango show, and all of us girls got our picture taken with Mr. Tango Man. I was totally against it but I was forced into taking a photo staring intently into this guy`s eyes -- you gotta suffer for tourism, I guess.

After lunch we went to the Ecological Reserve, ate some fried dough with beef gristle off the street (ohhhh beef gristle), then made our way back to the hostel for a nap. At around 10, Ambra (Italian girl) and Lucy (English) and I rallied a bunch of people for dinner at Rey Castro, a Cuban restaurant near the hostel. BEST DINNER EVER, and not because of the food (which was lovely), but more because of the delicious wine, fabulous dessert, and CRAZY drag show after dinner. The drag show was actually just one very large man in a red dress and a wig who slithered around the restaurant, dancing seductively with poles and touching cute customers on the face. She ended up bringing two of our group up on stage, which was funny, because neither of them spoke Spanish and both were very confused. Lucy took loads of pictures, which I will have to steal off her website once she posts them.

By the end of dinner, we were all tipsy and enthused from the show. We got back to the hostel and got ready to go clubbing. I ended up at Opera Bay, a club down by the water which is sort of a mini version of the Sydney Opera House. It was true insanity. I spent a large chunk of the night dancing like a madwoman to 80s music, heaven! Anyhoo, went to bed at 8 this morning.... long story short.

Happy Easter! more later

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