Sunday, May 07, 2006

I Heart San Francisco

Well, good things are popping up all over for me here in San Francisco!

I got the job at the hostel, so as of 7 am Monday, I will be employed as a receptionist. Woo hoo! I am excited because this means I will still be able to pretend I am traveling, plus there are tons of Brazilians staying there so I can falar some Portugues with them. To get ready for my job -- which will involve helping travelers find their way in SF -- I spent the day walking around the Nob Hill area, trying to familiarize myself with the basics -- where to find good Thai food, post office, book store, rent-a-car, etc.

It was a truly gorgeous day -- windy but sunny and clear -- and I was really blown away by the beauty of this city. Even though I have come here every summer since I was 14, I am just now starting to feel like I'm getting to know the city -- well, the city outside of the Sunset district. Later in the day, I met up with Karen and we went to Sports Basement, this place near the Presidio that is basically a huge warehouse full of cool sports gear -- hiking, biking, running, yoga, camping, etc. I was in heaven but I had to rein myself in since I, you know, don't have a job -- YET.

Afterwards we went and ate at Pacific Catch -- nice, fresh seafood -- and then, to top off the evening, got some 10-calorie-per-serving, possibly-made-from-styrofoam frozen yogurt. Oh, how I missed it!!! We ended up going for a drive down to the ocean, then up to the Inner Sunset and the Haight, since Karen doesn't know this area of the city very well. All in all, a great day in the city, and doubly nice to be reunited with Karen.

So right now, I am sitting at my grandparents' house, in my pjs, having a nice cup of tea, and feeling quite optimistic about the next 4 months in the city. I am gonna save money because I don't have a car -- although I will only be making minimum wage, so maybe not -- I'm gonna learn the public transportation system like the back of my hand, I'm gonna go for scenic runs and walks, and most importantly, I'm going to have FUN with my friends from college for these last few months before I ship myself out to Boston. Here we go!

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