Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Kirby Kove

For the first time since girl scouts (*shudder*), I went camping, and it was marvelous!

Early last night I headed over to work and met up with four other girls from the hostel -- Jinny, Kyla, Hillary, and Katherine -- and we got picked up by Brian, a guy from Incredible Adventures, in a big van. We drove right across the Golden Gate Bridge to a campground called Kirby Cove (see picture), which is situated almost right under the bridge. It was absolutely stunning -- green, grassy hills leading down to a sandy beach looking out on the bridge, the water, and San Francisco. We got there around 8, so there wasn't much daylight left, but enough time for us girls to wander down to the beach with our beers and watch the lights come on in the city across the water.

Some other people from Incredible Adventures met up with us as we were setting up our tents, starting a campfire, and digging into the wine, cheese, berries, and other delicious snacks that Brian brought. We spent the night stuffing our faces, talking about hostel gossip, telling creepy "haunted hostel" tales (apparently the USA Hostel in San Diego has some ghost issues), making s'mores, and hearing Jinny's horror stories about getting dengue fever in French Guyana (Note to self: don't go to French Guyana). At night, I was a bit nervous that I would freeze my butt off, since I had only brought a long-sleeve shirt and a hooded sweatshirt, but it ended up being toasty warm in our tent. We all slept like babies. Slightly drunk babies.

This morning I woke up to the sun sparkling off the water -- it was a truly beautiful day. We packed up our sleeping bags and tents and the remains of our food, bundled into the van, and drove back into the city. Turns out Kirby Cove is rated one of the best campsites in the world near a city, and I see why. I will definitely try to go back there soon -- damn I love living in San Francisco!

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