Tuesday, June 27, 2006

But I thought the old lady dropped it into the ocean at the end...

Please excuse the old-school Britney reference. Wait, don't excuse it. ENJOY it.

On Sunday, Gary and I checked out the Titanic exhibit at the Metreon. The Metreon is this huge complex owned by SONY that has a video game store, a huge movie theater, restaurants, and an exhibition space on the 4th floor, which is where this Titanic event was. The exhibit consisted of a lot of stuff salvaged from the Titanic -- clothes, unbroken dishes, pocketwatches, razors, luggage, personal papers, eyeglasses -- and some recreations of the actual rooms of the Titanic. Oh, and they also had a big iceberg that you could touch to see how freaking cold an iceberg actually is, and a big chunk of the hull ("The Big Piece,"), which they recovered from 2 miles below the sea.

When we entered the exhibit, we were each given "boarding passes," with the identity of an actual Titanic passenger and a bit of information about the person. Gary was some rich dude in 1st class, and I was a lady coming to America to find a husband or something (typical), in 2nd class. The guy who handed us our passes said, "You get to find out whether you lived or died at the end!" Whee.

We walked through the exhibit and peered at all of the stuff they had managed to save from the wreckage over 70 years after the ship sank. I don't understand how sets of dishes and cups survived such a violent sinking, but sure enough, the display included beautiful, deep blue cups with a porthole design, with not so much as chipped handles. Really unbelievable.

My favorite part was towards the end, when we found a little part of the hull in a display case, apart from the main "Big Piece" on display. The little piece was in a glass box with a round hole in the top of it. G asked, "Do you think we can touch it?" I said, "Why not!" so we each reached in and touched the Titanic. No alarms went off, thank God. Close one.

At the end, as promised, we got to find out whether we lived or died. I lived, G died. See, 1st class doesn't buy you everything after all.

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