Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Books, F*** yeah!!!

Happy Independence Day, all my American (and America lovin') friends!

What a day to be working at an international backpackers' hostel. On this sunny 4th of July, the hostel is going to throw a big, American-style BBQ chow-fest and then show these foreigners what America is really about by getting them liquored up and giving them sparklers. Let's hope everyone emerges with hair -- AND patriotism -- unsinged.

Last night my family had a little Independence Day weenie roast at my grandparents' house. We all ate a lot of hotdogs, chicken wings, salad, and chips, then Emily and I retired to her apartment to watch American Psycho. Despite the title, it wasn't an overtly patriotic movie, but I must say that Christian Bale does an excellent 1980s, New York yuppie accent.

This was actually my second time watching the film; I had watched the first hour or so with some guys that I lived with freshman year of college. I think those guys all secretly desired to live that decadent, plasticine, coke-filled, Genesis-infused, New York 80's lifestyle, and thus enjoyed the movie much more than I did at the time. But revisiting it last night, I really did enjoy it a lot more. I had remembered it being a lot more gratutiously gory than it actually was. I mean, yeah, the scene where Patrick Bateman drops a chainsaw on the girl running down the stairwell was sort of gross, but it was artfully done.

Another thing: I kind of have this suspicion that Christian Bale might actually be a little bit psycho in real life. He was really convincing. Plus, any man that is willing to drop to 120 pounds to play a role in some dippy indie film that no one saw (The Machinist, see pic) has to have a screw loose. I think if I were an actor, I'd be more of the George Clooney, gain-50-pounds-by-eating-nothing-but-cheesecake-and-ruin-my-health-forever-for-the-sake-of-Syriana type guy. Because unlike females in Hollywood, male actors can become fat slobs for "parts" (Jared Leto, anyone?) and receive no flak, while ladies who put on a few pounds for a role (Renee Z) are applauded (but really ridiculed) for their bravery in being fatties.

Wait, wasn't I talking about Independence Day?.... America, F***K yeah!!!

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