Thursday, July 13, 2006

Think about it... I didn't.

I saw Strangers with Candy last night at the Bridge Theatre -- yes, that's Theatre with an "re." It was a big cousin date -- I went with Emily, Rory, Peter (long lost cousin), and some drunk chick (NOT related to me) who was with Rory.

Strangers with Candy, for those ignorant f***s among us who may not know, is a movie based on the Comedy Central series of the same name that ran in the '90s. I used to watch it back when I was just a lass, but I didn't get a lot of the jokes because a lot of them hinged on prostitution/drugs/other naughtiness.

Each episode in the series was supposed to be a spoof of an after-school special -- you know, those rigidly formulaic TV shows wherein a bumbling teenager learns a valuable lesson (Don't Smoke, Cocaine is Not That Cool, Don't Run on the Pool Deck, etc.) -- except that the main character in SWC, Jerri Blank, never learns the intended lesson, and usually takes home the wrong lesson altogether.

The movie was sort of an extended episode involving a school science fair, Jerri's evil stepbrother (captain of the JV squat-thrusting squad at Flat Point high), an Indonesian kid, and Jerri's quest to wake her father from a 32-year coma by making the honor roll. It was good.

Another good thing about the movie was that it was really short (97 minutes) and it ended with Jerri addressing the audience with this line: "the point is, you're racist. Think about it... I didn't!"

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