Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween: Mission Accomplished

Just to let you all know, the totally 80's Jem costume idea turned out better than I could have hoped. Thanks to neon hair extensions, blow-up guitars, leg-warmers, and some BRIGHT blue eye-shadow (designed to stand out on African-American skin, which means it really popped on our pasty faces), my girl friends and I successfully tranformed ourselves into JEM AND THE HOLO-FITS. Please see picture:

That picture pretty much says it all.

One more note about Halloween at Harvard: today my crim law professor, Prof. Weinreb, dressed up as a bum. This was hilarious because:

1. Prof Weinreb normally wears a suit and tie to class every day.

2. Prof. Weinreb looks like this in every day life:

2. He showed up wearing a backwards baseball cap, dirty jeans, a flannel shirt, and dirt all over his face.

3. He made no mention of the fact that he was dressed up as a bum and conducted class as usual.

Maybe this is only funny to people in my class, but it certainly made my morning.

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