Sunday, May 04, 2008

Hungry walk

I just did the Walk for Hunger in Boston. Well, actually, to be completely honest, I did half of it, which means I still walked 10.5 miles. I just felt like that was enough, ya know? Plus, I was hungry. Which I guess was the point of a walk for hunger.

Despite the crappy, drizzly weather, the walk was pretty cool, and I got to see parts of Boston I'd never seen before, like Brookline and Newton. Here is the route:

My friend Rachel and I got to the halfway point (labeled on the route map with a number 5) and decided that we were done walking and ready for lunch, since we had been going for 3 hours and there were shuttle buses back to Boston Common just waiting for us -- beckoning us, you might say. Once back in Cambridge, we went for a big dim sum lunch at Changsho, mmm. Shrimp shu mai has never tasted so good.

I'm glad I got out and did something today, since today was shaping up to be another day spent entirely on my butt in front of the TV. Since finishing my final on Thursday, I have become a totally unmotivated lump. It's been sort of glorious. I mean, I watched Oprah the other day. OPRAH. To be fair, it was the Tom Cruise interview and there was no way I was missing Oprah grilling Tom about the 2005 couch jumping incident. I watched the interview sort of (i.e. REALLY) hoping that Tom would go off the rails again, but he maintained kind of a low-key nuttiness. There was no jumping. Don't get me wrong, he's still a nut -- but he got the mania under control, which is obviously disappointing. And Oprah didn't ask him about the Scientologist practice of Silent Birth, which I think we all wanted answers on.

Well, now that I have gone walking and eating, I guess I'd better try to finish up the few remaining tasks I have before my second year of law school is officially done. Off I go!

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