Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Christmas miracle!

Santa (in the guise of Air Canada) surprised me today by delivering my long-lost luggage, which I was sure was lying in a drainage ditch in Saskatchewan, lost to me forever. Honestly, having my luggage back was the best Christmas present a girl could hope for. Well, almost the best -- when I opened my bag, I realized that my camera was gone, and so was the one wrapped gift in my entire luggage, the Estée Lauder Beautiful lotion I had bought for my mom in Ottawa. Some Air Canada employee's wife is probably slathering that stolen lotion over her rough, wind-chapped skin as we speak. The nerve! But I do get great comfort out of the fact that my camera was broken AND without a battery, so joke's on whoever stole that, am I right?

Despite the missing goods, this Christmas day has been lovely. I slept in, ate, talked to Al, opened presents (a warm pair of gloves, a necklace, a spa gift certificate, and a new makeup bag), worked out, and then my parents and I went visiting (wassailing?). The highlight was probably the stop at my grandparents' house, where I ate a cold duck-goose-turkey sandwich on sourdough and more chocolate bark than anyone should be allowed to consume. Mmmmm, chocolate bark. Now I am at home, ensconced in front of a House marathon in my PJs. Oh, life is so good.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwaaanzaaaa/Handwashing Awareness Week/other winter celebration of your choice. Feliz natal!

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