Friday, September 23, 2005

Fun With Bullets

Oi gente...

If I were to put the events of the last week or so into convenient bullet format in which I refer to myself only in the third person, it would go something like this:
Vicky and Matthew leave --> Stephanie sinks into deep depression, tearing up at the sight of the McDonalds ChocoMac Branco machine that she and V. used to frequent on their many trips to the mall
Stephanie stays depressed and mopes around her flat for a weekend, rousing herself only to go shopping
Nathan arrives, is okay, Stephanie guesses.
Brazilian independence Day comes, Stephanie goes clubbing until 5, receiving complimentary glowsticks and balloons at club
Dwight makes an impromptu balloon animal in the club that is frankly amazing, only Stephanie notices
Dwight and Stephanie freak out every time any of the following music comes on:
J Lo
50 cent
lil kim
the Killers!!!
Destiny's Child (didn't come on, but suffice to say Stephanie WOULD freak out if it had)
Brazilians freak out whenever any of the following music comes on:
boring samba
confusing songs involving choreographed hand motions (brazilian hand jive?)
bad techno
bad Brazilian rap
bad disco
Nathan freaks Stephanie's Portuguese teacher AND her surly friend
Stephanie has a boring week at work, but thank God for Brazilian independence day
Stephanie buys SWEET puma shoes -- black and silver and light as a freakin feather
S, N, Ana Carolina meet up with Mariana and her friend Daniel to indulge in ALL YOU CAN EAT PIZZA, including pizza with dulce de leche and bananas, and chocolate pizza covered with sprinkles and coconut. oh yes.
Stephanie loves this freakin country
Phil (new trainee, Irish) arrives, is pretty cool, Stephanie guesses
Stephanie, Phil, Nathan go to Hotel Unique, eat peanuts, drink alcohol
S, P, N meet up with Dwight, eat unlimited meat and palm hearts from the salad bar at churrascaria
P, N, S continue on to Vegas, club that includes an ugly dancing transvestite and bad music, PLUS they give you dirty Asian porn playing cards as tickets to get in the door. "No thanks," Stephanie tries to say, but to no avail
DJ at Vegas ignores Stephanie's request for either Destiny's Child or the Killers
bad techno ensues
Stephanie goes to bed at 5, drags lazy ass out of bed at noon
work week begins anew
Stephanie has nothing to do and teaches herself all tenses of the subjunctive in Portuguese. Otimo!
Stephanie writes email referring to herself in 3rd person, feels oddly liberated
Aaaand that is the email for this week. A lot shorter, a lot quicker, and you get the idea. I guess my only additional comment would be that I am slowly pulling myself out of the dumps after Vicky's departure. I miss her SO MUCH, and I am just now realizing how much it is going to suck not to have a good girl friend around, although I have started to hang out more with Mariana (who is awesome but really busy with school) and Ana Carolina, a girl from work. Yay for females. Don't get me wrong, Nathan and Phil seem cool and they definitely know how to have a good time, but something tells me that they won't be jumping at the opportunity to go on manicure/ice cream dates with me. So, I guess this a learning experience in male bonding for me. I have already embraced the world of all-you-can-eat pizza and meat, so this shouldn't be too difficult.