Sunday, May 28, 2006


Movie update. I have seen 2 in the past week so I feel obligated to report on them.

I saw the DaVinci code on Wednesday, and here's the thing. It was super long, and it still managed to leave out most of the interesting, cool, art stuff in the book. They mentioned Da Vinci himself, like, once. It was okay, though. Tom Hanks' hair was weird. Anyway, I didn't get much out of the movie that I didn't get out of the book, but it was entertaining, so that's all you can ask for, I guess.

The second movie I saw was Down in the Valley with Edward Norton.
I strongly recommend this movie simply because Edward Norton was shirtless for a good 80% of it, which is really all the motivation one needs to see any film (Edward Norton, marry me!). Besides the steaminess of Edward, the movie was pretty good. It was beautifully shot, had a cool, electric guitar soundtrack, and involved a Culkin (Rory!). There were some disturbing scenes, though, like when Edward Norton's character, Harlan, shoots his teenage girlfriend in the stomach and then she makes these weird gurgling noises. Here's the really disturbing part: Emily and I both started giggling like crazy people during that scene. I mean, it was shocked/horrified giggling, but we must have seemed like the biggest a-holes to everyone else, laughing at some poor girl getting shot in the stomach. Oh well, this is how we deal with trauma in my family, I suppose -- laugh hysterically.

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