Tuesday, May 30, 2006

a vida eh boa

Yesterday, Karen and I went on a gorgeous (yet hilly and windy) run through the Presidio and down by the beach. It was Memorial Day, so people were down by the beach roasting hamburgers, flying kites, playing in the water, drinking wine, chasing kids, throwing frisbees, walking their dogs, and generally celebrating the absolute beauty of the day and the joy of having off work.

As we were running along, it occurred to me how great it is to live here, and how lucky we are to have such fun, easy lives (in the relative scheme of things). This sunny attitude I have on life might be apt to switch once I am living in Boston and am spending my nights crying myself to sleep under a pile of law school reading while trying to restore feeling into my frozen extremities, but, you know, I am going to enjoy it while it lasts.

To celebrate Memorial Day, my grandparents and parents and I had a Mexican dinner (prepared by my Irish grandmother), then my parents and I went out for froyo, the ultimate California thrill. Oh, froyo, how did I live without it in South America?! Those Brazilians don't know what they are missing by stubbornly insisting that their cold, creamy desserts actually contain some sort of dairy product.

After dinner and dessert, I watched Murderball and did crossword puzzles. Murderball was a really moving film; I shed a few tears, I can't lie. The movie was about the US Paralympic Wheelchair Rugby team and their quest to win gold at the Athens games. Turns out they lost to CANADA and New Zealand (wha?!), but it was inspiring nonetheless.

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