Friday, October 27, 2006


24. Not just an inexplicably popular TV show anymore. Now it's also... my age. Oof.

Bday so far has been EXCELLENT. Got roses, got a pedicure, heard from friends and fam, and the weather is sunny and clear and not too cold. Basically all I could ask for, except for the fact that I had to go to Civ Pro. But even civ pro had that special birthday sheen on it.

Anyway my lovely parents sent me some pretty flowers in a vase filled with candy-corn (they know me too well), and I went to the mail center to pick it up. Actual conversation between me and the mail room guy:

Mail Room Guy: So, these must be from your main guy, huh?

Me: Uh, I think they're probably from my parents.

MRG: Hm, I was just trying to look on the positive side.

Me: Thanks

MRG: You know, a lot of young ladies send themselves flowers.

Me: Well, I haven't really been reduced to that... yet.

MRG: I used to work at this one place, and this girl got long-stemmed roses every day for two months. And the other girls in the office, they said, 'why does that fat somethin' get flowers every day?' So I asked her, I said, 'Melanie, are you gonna marry this guy that keeps sending you flowers?' And she said, 'No, he's wasting his time.'

Me: So did she marry him?

MRG: No, she married some other guy.

Then he shared some other stories about undeserving women getting flowers, and I left clutching my flowers appreciatively.

Anyhoo, now I am chillin' in my room, watching some bad movie on Comedy Central, NOT doing homework, and waiting for my girl Karen to get here so we can get ready to go out to dinner (sushi) and dancing with Harvard peeps. Yay, I am so excited. Parabens pra mim!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Jem and the Holograms

Continuing with my 80s's Halloween theme, I might as well reveal what my law school girlfriends and I are planning to be for Halloween... JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS. Well, kinda. We are probably going to end up as some sort of amalgamation of Jem, generic 80s girls (perhaps with a sprinkle of Uma Thurman in Hysterical Blindness), the Holograms, the Misfits (the evil rival band to the Holograms), and ourselves with fake neon hair extensions. I am psyched. Shopping trip for accoutrements is scheduled for tomorrow.

But before the big Halloween bash is my birthday celebration on Friday. I am AMPED for that, especially because my dear friend Karen is coming in to party with me Friday night. It seems like ages since I have seen her... I am counting down the days.

Sorry this post is sort of lackluster. I am recovering from the high of the latest episode of Laguna Beach and am currently watching Top Chef. Not to spoil it or anything, but Otto, the guy who stole the crate of lychees, bowed out. Whatevz. Over it.

I need to stop watching this show, it's making my stomach growl. Fooood.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

A very 80's Halloweeeeeen

I love Halloween. Always have, probably always will. Part of it has to do with the fact that my birthday is 4 days before Halloween, so I have always associated Halloween with presents, candy, dressing up, and pumpkins, some of my favorite things in all of life. Who doesn't love pumpkins?

So, for all of you out there who also love Halloween, and who were born in the early 80's, I have a couple of treats for you.

1. The lyrics to my favorite Halloween song when I was a kid:

"I can't wait till it's Halloween, oooh-oooh, oooh-oooh.
Ghosts and ghouls for a scary scene, ooooh-oooh."

The end. Okay that wasn't THAT big a treat, but keep reading.

2. Garfield's Halloween Special was perhaps my all-time favorite Halloween Special -- and that is REALLY saying something -- and his "What should I be?" song still occasionally gets stuck in my head, 19 years later. Long story short, Garfield spent an entire song debating what he should dress up as for Halloween -- scary vampire, bat, Halloween cat? It was a tough decision, but he and Odie eventually decided to be pirates -- awesome -- resulting in this gem:

3. The Great Pumpkin. I think when I was a kid I had every Charlie Brown special on tape, including the one where Charlie Brown decides to get "in shape" and Peppermint Patty, in a non-subtle nod to the career as a gym teacher she was doubtless to have, totally kicked his ass.

Or what about the one when Charlie Brown goes to the spelling bee and wears that odd paper bugle-boy cap for no apparent reason and Snoopy plays the mouth harp? That was weird. ANYWAY, the Great Pumpkin is the beloved Peanuts Halloween special. Here's a bit of it:

Awww, poor Charlie Brown. His Halloween sucked.

4. Okay, you can't get more 80s Halloween than this. Disney synched up old cartoons with "Thriller." I remember watching this as a kid before I knew who Michael Jackson even WAS -- you know, back in the days of innocence.

I hope all my fellow children of the 80s enjoyed this flashback. Man, things were just BETTER back then, am I right? Or am I right? Or am I right?

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Macho Macho MACHO!

Instead of being good law students, my friend Dan VanTasma and I tonight exchanged a series of feverish emails about one of our favorite topics ever -- the wonderful weirdness that is Chile.

Just to give you some background, we studied abroad there back in the day (2003), and had many experiences that we still like to reflect upon today instead of doing torts reading. Just a few examples: when that bus we were on ran over a guy's foot. What about that time Dan bought a hat that was essentially a combination hat-mullet, thus defining the inimitable "hullet?" And let's not even get into the Chullets.

ANYWAY, enough background. So Dan somehow managed to dig up this video that we always talk about, the "Chile, la alegria ya viene" video. For those of you ignorant f***s who do not know detailed Chilean political history, in 1989 there was an opposition campaign to vote out the Pinochet dictatorship, and it won. And the REASON it won was because there was an ingenious media campaign organized by the human rights movement in Chile to overcome overwhelming fear among Chileans to oppose the dictatorship. Anyway they put these kind of PSA/music video/skit segments on TV for a while encouraging people not to be afraid to vote out Pinochet, and promising that if Chile restored democracy, people would be happier.

The best part of all of this is that one of our *super dreamy* professors in Chile, Ignacio Walker -- currently the Chilean foreign minister -- helped organize this whole "La alegria ya viene" thing, and showed us the video in class, all the while pointing out all the celebrities he knew and had helped rally to make the video. I think at one point he even pointed out the back of his own head in the footage. He's awesome. He's so awesome that no one even minded him name-dropping because we all were secretly in love with him. ALL of us. I mean, the guy's married to the Chilean Gloria Estefan. He's hot.

Sooo, extremely long story short, Dan found the video on YouTube, and here it is:

Now, I bet a lot of you will watch this video and think, "What the f***?" But that's kind of the beauty of it. And maybe it's just because living in Chile for three months makes you a little Chi-chi-chi le-le-LOCO, but the discovery of this video really was exciting news for me and Dan. Actual emails exchanged:

Me: OH NO YOU DIDn'T!@@@

this made my day. no, my week.

No, my life.



i've seriously watched the alegria ya viene one 10 times in a row now HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

i think his wife was in this clip, BUT i think the video he showed had a "making of" segment that might have featured her, AND there was a part where his daughter sang or said something in the middle of the futbol stadium -- must find those.

... and so on, until we had unearthed a video from the opening credits from our favorite telenovela, "Machos," which was seriously a Chilean national obsession when we were there. Like, when two of the *fictional* characters got married in an episode, it was on the front page of *actual* Chilean newspapers the next day. To truly appreciate how ridiculous that is, please watch the following:

I miss Chile so much. Chi chi chi, le le le, viva Chile!!!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

This is me studying.

This is me studying. Seriously.

In other news, I am watching the Daily Show and eating pickles. This is the worst blog entry EVER. Except for maybe the one where I talked about some movie I saw.

Oh my gosh, I totally forgot, I saw the BEST movie this weekend! Everyone go see Little Miss Sunshine, if it is still playing in some arthouse theater in the middle of nowhere in your neck of the woods. I guess I was a little late in getting around to seeing it, but I am so glad I did. It was soooo sweet and funny.

My friend Cameron and I went to see it on Saturday night for a low-key way to wind down a relatively high-key (i.e. alcohol- and study-infused) weekend. The film was great and I laughed so hard I cried during the last scene, but the night sort of deteriotated once we left the theater to discover that a) there were no cabs in Cambridge at midnight on a Saturday, and b) it was a billion degrees below zero. We hung around the lobby of the theater until the pimply youth in charge of validating parking kicked us out, and then we started to trudge toward a main street to flag down a cab.

As we were walking, this tall, skinny dude in a sweater vest emerged out of nowhere and started jogging to catch up with us. "Ladies," he said, "do you mind if I walk with you?" Of course, we both did, since he was clearly creepy and had apparently materialized out of dark shadows, but neither of us said no. He proceeded to walk with us, telling us how he "couldn't help but notice" that we had left Little Miss Sunshine, and informing us that the little girl in the movie reminded him of his sister. He also made up some weird excuse about why he had been lurking outside the theater for 20 minutes and why he found it necessary to walk with us.

C. and I were both getting the major heebie-jeebies, so when we spotted a cab up ahead, we started running towards it and managed to flag it down. Once we got inside the (mercifully warm) cab, we breathed a sigh of relief because a) we could feel our extremities again and b) we had avoided being turned into lampshades by Creepy Theater Lurker Man.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Fertility Log

Okay, first, an apology that I have been so utterly failish in updating this thing. The problem is basically that law school is hard and I am lazy. Also, not a lot has happened that has lent itself to blogging. If I could sum up my activities over the last week or so -- completely out of sequence, of course -- it would be something like: watched Law and Order, ate entire jar of cheese dip, went sake bombing, read about theft, did a class at the gym called "Balletone" that actually involved plies, and attended two different, equally useless training sessions for various things. Aren't you glad I didn't write about it?

This weekend, however, definitely deserves a big mention in the blog, because it was jam-packed with fun stuff. On Friday, I flew to New York City and went out with my long-lost roommate/life-partner, Foolia! Oh, how I missed her. The last time we had seen each other was on the grimy streets of Sao Paulo, when we both stood in front of my office crying before I had to hustle back in to the corporate misery that was my paralegal job, where I remained until 11 pm that night. I didn't even get to say "tchauzinho" to her before she got on the plane. Sniff.

Anyway, we went to some bars in the Lower East Side on Friday, including this truly fantastic Latin pop club called Suba, which had a cool, Jardins-esque vibe, with the floor of the restaurant suspended over water, bright red walls and sultry lighting. But the best part about Suba was the musica. They played all our favorites: Juanes, David Bisbal, Shakira, Paulina Rubio, Bacilos, etc. Oh, how we danced.

One interesting note about that night had to do with the guy at Suba who picked up girls -- literally, picked them up off the floor and hoisted them around -- and told them they were "so f***ing beautiful." This dude picked up Julia's friend Lily (but she was kinda into it), then turned to me and somehow managed to pick me up, even though I was scrabbing frantically to get away like a dog about to be put into a bathtub. So that was weird. Almost as weird as when a guy I met in a bar in D.C. tried to get me to throw up by sticking his fingers down my throat in the middle of our conversation. But that's another story.

So that was Friday. We came home and took embarrassing pictures with the camera on my computer, in which Julia claims she looks "Mongolian" in every one, and then I crashed onto the couch at 4 am. I woke up at 9:45 the next morning to make myself look halfway decent for Megan's commitment ceremony. My cousins Amanda and John picked me up at 11 and, after getting lost somewhere in Jersey City for a good hour or so, we eventually found our way to Goshen, in upstate New York.

Megan and Luz chose to have their ceremony at a place called The Empowerment Center (Centre?), which of course sounds like the most stereotypical place in the world to have a same-sex commitment ceremony. But the place was really cool -- it was a big, stone farmhouse with dormitory-style sleeping, a laundry room, a kitchen, and big common spaces. The surrounding acreage was really very beautiful -- bright green hills and lots of trees just starting to change color. They had the ceremony out back overlooking the hills, and the reception was in a big covered tent.

The ceremony was really nice. Megan and Luz asked their various groups of friends and family to come up and give them blessings. My family definitely won (since it was obviously a competition), because there were a lot of us, and our blessings kicked butt. Michael, for example, wished for Megan and Luz that "all of their tennis matches end in a score of love-love." Awesome. One of Luz's groups of friends gave them a fertility log which was later burnt at the campfire. I think I had already crashed into my bunkbed at that point. I certainly don't need any fertility fumes wafting my way, thanks. After the ceremony, we all retired to the large tent to dance till the wee hours, consume copious amounts of booze/red bull, and eat tons of wedding cake and fondue. Mmmmm.

The next morning everyone woke up feeling a bit ragged, but we pulled ourselves together and drove back into the city. Some of us went to Spanish mass at St. Patrick's, then wandered around Times Sqaure and ate Tastee Delite (the east coast version of yumi yogurt) till it was time to go to the airport. All in all, an excellent weekend.