Tuesday, March 13, 2007

burgers 'n chips

Tonight Elise and I dined at Bartley's, a supposed Cambridge burger institution. We were smooshed into a small table, enjoying our dinners and drinking water out of plastic beer steins, when two English blokes squeezed into the smooshed table right next to us. I suddenly felt like I was on a double date. With two strangers.

As Elise and I were finishing our dinners, the boys' food was delivered -- two cheeseburgers, one with fries on the side and one with... potato chips. The guy who received the chips looked momentarily shocked, then embarrassed, and stammered to the waitress, "oh, this isn't what I -- the problem is -- you see, I'm English, and we call THOSE --" pointing to fries on his friend's plate -- "chips."

It really was unnecessary for him to explain that he was English.

His mate gave him crap as soon as the waitress unsmilingly left to fetch a plate of fries, and Chips Boy replied, "I didn't know, did I? Bloody hell." Um, did he think he was in Cambridge...ENGLAND? I'm sorry, but at this point at the world's stage of globalization, if you're an English person and don't know that Americans call chips "fries" and crisps "chips," then you need to put down the OK! Magazine, pull your head out of the loo and catch the next lorry to Basic Knowledgeville, USA.

I'd like to see this guy try to buy erasers at the American drug store.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Good Airs

I know the clever title of the post probably gave it away, but.... yes, it's true, I am going to be back in Buenos Aires this summer! I can barely contain my excitement. Don't tell, but the email I received confirming my job in Buenos contained a request that I not tell my friends or colleagues about the placement. But I can trust you, right? Right??! Anyway, our secret.*

After telling my friends J, K and B about my return to Buenos (by sending them a message on our google group email list, "chichichilelele@googlegroups," obvz), J sent around a song that was inexplicably popular in Chile when we were there -- the group is Argentine (Mambru) the song is called "A Veces," and I think you need to hear it to understand.

Also, I would like to point out that the youtube video is NOT the real video for the song. The real one was WAY slicker, as you can imagine. Of course, like all homemade videos that dorky Argentine guys make in their parents' basement, this one has a certain charm. There's something kind of fantastic about five guys in shades bobbing awkwardly in front of a half-open closet and a picture of a beagle. And you gotta love the hot rain effect. Esta noche me quedo con vos!!!! I bet this video got all of those guys some major action.

I digress. The point of all of this is that I am psyched beyond belief about going back to Buenos, living it up, working at an awesome NGO, and eating steaks the size of a miniature pony. CAN. NOT. WAIT.

*I'm talking to you, person in Malaysia who reads my blog religiously. I feel like I know you.