Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Writing machine.

Hi. I am trying to finish up my last final and it's hard -- not because I am stressed out, but because it's not due till the 19th (the day I leave for Christmas break) and without some sort of evil deadline hanging over my head, I have been content to write approximately 1 sentence per hour for like, two hours a day. Actually, let's be more realistic -- this is how the writing of this final has been progressing:

1. Write one sentence.
2. Stare out window.
3. Go on facebook -- switch off between my 13 active Scrabulous games and general stalking of various people who actually aren't that interesting.
4. Write another sentence.
5. Eat something chocolatey.
6. Go back on facebook.
7. Read Perez Hilton. Quietly mourn the passing of Ike Turner.
8. Back to facebook.
9. Shut down faceook in a burst of willpower.
10. Re-open facebook.
11. Contemplate writing another sentence.
12. Stare out window.
13. Eat something fatty.
14. Make a cup of tea.
15. Read old emails I have written to people and laugh at my own wit.
16. Write another sentence.
17. Turn on TV. Watch re-run of MTV's "Made: I want to be attractive!" Then get sucked into re-run of "Made: I want to be well-liked!"
18. Damn it. Facebook.
19. Cursorily read headlines of New York Times. Inevitably drift to the Style section. Read article about some, yet un-talked about aspect of bipolar disorder. Wonder who chooses what articles go in the Style section.
20. Google "who chooses articles in NYT Style Section."
21. End up on Wikipedia. (*Three hours pass*)
22. Back to facebook.
23. Write another sentence.
24. Notice that all my sentences start with the word "this." Change one to "the."

I'm sure this paper will get done eventually. I just have to do it on my own time. Anyway, gotta go now, it's 7:54 and season finale of America's Next Top Model is coming on, so, you know. Bye.

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