Sunday, March 09, 2008

In pursuit of better blogging

Hey. I realized the other day that other people who have blogs actually write in them. Like, frequently. There's this girl I went to college with, for example, who writes in her blog every day, even if it's just to give an update of her morning commute ("More traffic, AGAIN!!! What a drag!!!"). But that's taking it too far, I think. Because really, who gives? I certainly don't. Yet, I still click on this girl's blog in some sort of slacker-blogger self-flagellation ritual. I dunno.

I try to blog when I have something to say, but sometimes, even when I do have something to say, I'm too lazy to actually sit down and type it out. All that finger work, so arduous. Plus, I have this sneaking sensation that most of the people who read my blog are teenage boys who are just scanning the page in desperate search of pictures of Brazilian waxes. Finding none, they then click on the "Next Blog" tab, which, 90% of the time, will bring them to some doofy family's photoblog of their wall-eyed baby ("Our Little Miracle!!!"). Seriously - try it. Sometimes you luck out with Next Blog, though, and get something like this: So, you never know. Roll the dice!

So last night I went out to dinner with some of my girl friends, and we were talking about the website, and how we don't trust the reviews of bars. The yelpers tend to slam bars with "loud music" and "revelry" while praising establishments that allow for quiet solitude and unobtrusive service. Plus, if you're sitting down to write a lengthy and impassioned review of Tommy Doylez ("Irish kitsch abounds!"), you probably have a bit too much time on your hands. But, I pointed out to my friends that some topics on Yelp are more reliable (for example, reviews of salons), because if you had a really bad experience at a salon ("I'm bald now") or a really good one ("I look GOOD"), you want to share it with the world. That's kinda how I feel about blogging. I wouldn't sit down to write a review of a bar ("There were many types of alcohol there, and some sort of music playing in the background"), but I would certainly write a review of an aesthetician or hair salon.* Similarly, I wouldn't blog about my morning commute ("I passed that fire hydrant again") but I would write about, say, blogging.

Sorry for yet another meta-blogging post. I just want you all to know that if it seems that I am slacking, it's really just that I am saving you from less-than-stellar blog posts. You should thank me. Or at least don't click on Next Blog just yet.

*In fact, in college, I did write a review of a really good waxing place I went to in Palo Alto, but then took it down when I came to my senses. Some details don't need to be shared with the world, Stephanie.