Saturday, June 14, 2008

Growing up

Steph in 2005 was a bit different from Steph in 2008. Steph in 2005 lived in Brazil and went clubbing till 8 am three nights a week. Steph in 2008 lives in the US and recently attended a Renaissance fair. But one thing that hasn't changed in three years of quite varied experiences is Steph's willingness to cut and paste emails she's written as substitutions for real blogging. So that's what this post might turn into -- just a fair warning.

I was speaking to my parents on the phone earlier today (they always put me on speaker and both sort of yell across the room in the general direction of the phone as they do other, more pressing things) and she mentioned that she had recently read my boyfriend's blog and asked me why I hadn't updated mine in, well, a while. "Are you giving it up?" she asked. Me, give up blogging? Oh, HELL no. But she had a point. If Al, who is currently in the wilds of Central Asia, can update his blog ( while living in a yurt and eating horsemeat kebobs, certainly I can update mine from the comforts of our nation's lovely capital. Right? Of course right.

Anyway, here is an excerpt from an email I wrote recently about what I have done in the past few days:

"So, today is Elise's bday. We both got up pretty late and went to our respective gyms and then went to get pedicures at this place near Adams Morgan. This place was crazy! There was a long wait and like 10 pedicure chairs, and they were just hustling people in and out. I guess this is the "it" place to get your nails done because it is "cheap." Evz. Anyway now I am in the rare state of having both beautiful hands and feet.

Ummm what else. Oh, yeah, the firm retreat... it was fun! I did "yogalates," which turned out to be pilates with a couple of downward facing dogs thrown in. Thank goodness the lady who taught it made sure to tell us which poses were good for "sexual energy" and "releasing toxins." After that, I got a "spa manicure," and was received by the totally ridiculous guy who worked at the spa who was trying on a Madonna-esque fake British accent. It sort of came and went, so I wanted to keep him talking so I could hear it. He also did theatrical hand gestures. He was great, I wanted to just hang out with him all day and wait for him to break character.

Theeeen, I hung out by the pool, and finally, I did wine and herb tasting, which is exactly what it sounds like. Yeah. This really talkative (read: annoying) sommelier made us chew up weird herbs that she apparently had plucked from the golf course before tasting the wine. Yum. The good part was that she gave us full pours for the tasting, so I got a bit tipsy. Luckily I left before they brought out the reds, hehe."

There ya go. That's a quick update on my life lately. As I mentioned above, tonight is my roommate's twenty-fourth bday so we are going to go eat dinner in a few minutes at a fun Mexican place that features frozen margaritas at the bar and a long wait for a table, which means everyone is always a little drunkety-drunk when they sit down to eat. Therefore, it's a good bday place. Okay, off I go!! Later.