Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Slanketeer here

I am writing you from the comfort of my new Slanket. That's right, a Slanket -- a blanket with sleeves. I received said Slanket for my recent birthday (26, yo!) and it's all I could have ever hoped for. It's warm, snuggly, and sleeved, what more could a girl want?

Now, don't confuse the Slanket with its low-rent (and possibly inbred) cousin, the Snuggie. You may have seen the recent Snuggie TV ads, which show Snuggie wearers mirthlessly reading the news, talking on the phone, and completing other mundane tasks, apparently unaware they are wearing sleeved blankets. You'd never see an ad like that for a Slanket, because it's impossible to wear a Slanket and not smile.

By the way, I kinda hope the Slanket marketing people are reading this and writing me a check for boosting their sales among my readership.*

Anyway, please enjoy the series of gratuitous Slanket pics, below.

Go Slankets!

*Mostly 15-year old boys in Macedonia and Norway.