Monday, January 19, 2009

En fin

Hey everyone. Sad news: I am no longer in Argentina. Instead, I am sitting in JFK Airport with $20 worth of magazines and a copy of Brideshead Revisted, which hopefully will get me through the almost five-hour layover I have here. Luckily, I picked an interesting gate to sit at; there is a girl having some sort of emotional breakdown here and I am listening/watching out of the corner of my eye while pretending to blog. It's getting juicy. Anyway, I wasn't supposed to have this long of a stopover in NYC, but the Delta people in Buenos Aires decided to change my flight to two hours earlier than it was supposed to take off without telling anyone, but didn't feel it necessary to also change my connection time. Nice. Thank God I got to the airport three hours early, because if not, I'd be sleeping on the floor of Ezeiza Airport tonight. Yay Latin American travel!

I feel bad about not updating my blog for the past week, but it was hard because I was having too much fun with Al, and our days were pretty packed with sleeping and eating ice cream, so I didn't want to overtax myself. I actually had quite a few clever blog title posts ready to go, including "Eye-mergency" (describing my trip to the emergency clinic to get a piece of trash out of my eye), and "Angertina," to describe the SECOND run-in I had with an underage street urchin in Buenos Aires, but alas, those titles are going to have to go to waste.

Instead, this post will be written in a style that should be quite familiar to devotees of my blog: lazy bullet points! In no particular order, here are some things I did in BsAs over the past week:

- Went to a dinner/tango show with Al, which turned out to be really entertaining. Tango shows are like bowling: it never sounds that fun till you get there and put on the shoes. Except with the tango show, you just wear normal shoes. But you know what I mean.

- Ate tons of delicious food at some incredible restaurants. Two of our favorites were Lola, where I had an incredible ojo de bife steak with eggplant, mushroom, and onion (OMG) and Almacén Secreto, a "secret" restaurant that specializes in regional cuisine from Salta, like locro. Mmmm, looocrroooo.

- Went out a lot, including to the infamous Club 69, which has a tranny show on Thursday nights. Trannies are always fun, of course, but the real highlight was the amazing break-dancing performance they had. Seeing break-dancers in Argentina is a little like seeing a cat wearing a top-hat, you know? It's not natural, but boy, is it fun to watch.

- Walked around the city, including to the Rosedal (rose garden) in Palermo Park, which was beautiful.

- Watched a fair bit of Law & Order UVE (Unidad de Victimas Especiales)

- Ate semi-weird Argentine pizza topped with palm hearts and salsa golf (like Thousand Island dressing except syrupy-sweet)

- Got my hair cut and learned the Spanish word for "bangs" (flequillo)

- Hung out with friends, including my long-lost friend Karen and her boyfriend Adam, yay!

- Met several groups of chatty Brazilians when we went out; shamelessly spoke Portuguese with them.

- Went to two different gyms, both of which looked "fancy" from the outside and turned out to be spectacularly crappy on the inside. But at least I managed to successfully wriggle my way out of having to be "trained" by the mulleted trainers at each gym. Close call!

That's about it, I guess. Overall, it was a wonderful trip and I was sad to leave. I don't know when I'll be back in Argentina but I'm glad I left it with a good taste in my mouth.* Hasta luego, Argentina.

*Mostly meat.

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