Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A sad, sad day for Stanford

Okay, so I promise I will write about the rest of our Thailand trip at some point, but this news was just so disturbing, I had to post it immediately. Are you sitting down? Here it goes: FULL MOON ON THE QUAD IS CANCELED THIS YEAR. I know. I am not even in college anymore and this is still tragic news.

Deemed ‘recipe for disaster,’ Full Moon cancelled

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For those of you who are unfamiliar with Stanford's many wacky, quirky, "out-there"* traditions, Full Moon on the Quad (or, as it is often obnoxiously abbreviated, FuMooOnQua) is a tradition dating back to Stanford's early days, where the senior men would welcome the freshman women to the campus with a kiss. Under the full moon. On the quad.

Over the years, this sweet (yet sort of creepy) tradition developed into, not surprisingly, a debaucherous free-for-all where students from all classes and all stages of (un)dress engage in a drunken, outdoor kissing orgy. It's the best. Like every Stanford event, there is plenty of booze, gross antics by the Tree (our mascot), loud music, and nakedness. The best part is that the whole thing is sponsored (read: paid for) by the school, and only a few people get mono. Probably.**

But this year, the fun has come to an end thanks to the gosh darn swine flu. I mean, I get it: it would suck for Stanford if a bunch of people made out and then dropped dead from a virulent strain of the flu, but come ON. What's a few deaths in the name of one, glorious night of socially sanctioned kissing sluttiness? Okay, yeah, I guess those few deaths would kind of be something. Point taken.

It still sucks, though, for all of those little Stanford freshmen who will lose out on the opportunity to swap boozy spit with a couple of cute guys, then have a supremely awkward 9 am Spanish class with both of them the next day. Hypothetically. Plus, if Stanford cancels Full Moon on the Quad forever (perish the thought!), what will the students have? There will only be like 6 other school-sponsored booze fests with naked people and loud music left! That just ain't right.

Hang in there, Stanford kids. There's always Exotic Erotic to look forward to.

*Some would say "trying too hard," but not me.
** In my opinion.