Thursday, November 25, 2010

Feliz dia de ação de graças!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. I haven't updated in a while because, you know, work. But I had to take some time out today, a gorgeous summer day in Brazil, to remark on the things I am thankful for this year, even though this Thanksgiving will pass, unremarked upon, at my office. Sigh. Here goes, in no particular order - Eteffi's (slightly Brazilianized) Thanksgiving list, 2010:

- My friends, new and old
- The fam
- Pão de queijo (and most other cheese products)
- Portuguese nasal vowels
- The music of Lady Gaga - how would I exercise without her?
- This American Life podcasts
- Recycling - a small (yet satisfying) way to lessen the overwhelming guilt of living in a developed country day-to-day
- Caipirinhas de fruta
- The Internet (thanks, Al Gore!)
- Guaraná Zero (all of the heart palpitations, none of the guilt)
- Puppies
- Bug spray
- The concept of 'brunch' and its manifestation in my own life
- Church incense
- My Slanket
- Al
- The Inbetweeners, Little Britain, and British humor in general
- Health (mine and others')
- Re-broadcasts of Oprah on Brazilian TV
- Climate-controlled environments
- Employment, even if I do have to work this entire weekend, grumble grumble
- Mandioca frita
- Karaoke

Obviously, I am leaving a lot off the list, as always. But these are some of the highlights of things I am thankful for this year. And, as mentioned above, I am going to be working this entire weekend, but my plan is still to celebrate Thanksgiving on Saturday night with a bunch of people who, despite not being American, love Thanksgiving. Of course, this being Brazil, we'll have to compromise a little bit on the menu: no pumpkin pie, no cranberries, probably no stuffing. A Brazilian friend suggested we cook a "Chester," which is, I swear I am not making this up, a "genetically enhanced" chicken. I plan on putting my foot down on this, obviously. I can compromise on a lot of things -- you wanna cook mashed sweet potatoes this year instead of regular mashed potatoes? be my guest -- but I cannot compromise on turkey.

Hope you're all having a wonderful turkey day.

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