Monday, January 09, 2012

Cleaning house

This weekend, Al and I embarked on a huge decluttering project. I had read part of a book on hoarding and was immediately scared straight. The little piles of unopened mail and the clothes scattered all over my bedroom were, to me, the early signs of an impending hoardpocalpyse that would end with Al and I sleeping on a bed littered with stained pizza boxes, cat feces, and antique dolls. Even though we don't eat pizza. Or have cats. Or collect dolls.

Anyway, they say that a clean home leads to a clean mind. Decluttering is supposed to reduce stress and boost happiness. So we did it.

We spent all day Saturday slogging through our closets and ended up throwing out six large trash bags full of crap, and collecting six huge moving boxes full of clothes to donate to charity. We had NO idea that we had so much stuff lying around. We were amazed to find that after the purge, our drawers actually shut and we could see the floors of our closets. Imagine! It felt great.

As we celebrated with leftovers and beer, I ruminated on the whole cleaning idea and started thinking that the same principles that apply to decluttering one's living space could apply to decluttering one's physical being. I don't mean to get all Zen on you guys, but I really feel that my body could use some major decluttering. After an indulgent couple of months full of friends, family, food and booze, I'm feeling fuzzy and soft and slow. Too much goes in to my body and sits around, like the many pairs of tattered old shoes that I found lying in the back of my closet. Those shoes weren't being used - they were just taking up space, creating an eyesore, and preventing me from finding stuff I actually need.

So, in the spirit of decluttering, I'm embarking on a cleaner living program starting now. The first step will be drinking less alcohol, because God knows I don't need that clutter in my liver (or my fat cells, for that matter) and eating fewer processed foods, if I can. Part of the motivation behind this is the fact that I am getting married in four months and want to look my best in an extremely form-fitting Vera Wang. Another part of it is that I'm tired of sleeping poorly and feeling stressed out from overeating, and want 2012 to be a fresh start, with clean closets, a clean mind and a clean body.

So here we go! Decluttering starts now.