Tuesday, October 11, 2005

day in the life

Oh man I am SOOOO bad at blogging. Part of it is laziness. Part of it is that all of the buttons are in Portuguese... "Salvar como rascunho," etc., and I am using that as an even lamer excuse. Sorry to disappoint. But let's be real... all this blog ever was was me cutting and pasting group emails that I wrote home to friends. My blog was a cheap impostor of a blog. But I will try to be better. Let's see, I can recap today, which was a Typically Brazilian day in the life...

7am: wake up. watch first 10 minutes of The Wonder Years (os anos increveis!!) on tv, which has become a cherished morning ritual
7:15 am: take a cab to the Academia Reebok...
7:30 am: lift weights (kinda), bike, look at the gente bonita barely breaking a sweat as they vigorously pose for each other in the mirrors
8:30 am: shower, fight for mirror space in the locker room
9:00 am: take cab to Petrobras offices of Sao Paulo, 30 min. away
9:05 am: hit up the Petrobras free cappuccino machine!! highlight of the day...
9:06 to 4 pm: do tedious work in Petrobras
4:oo to 4:25: wait for cab driver to show up... am disappointed that he actually looks mentally ill when he does finally appear, 25 minutes late, because it means i can't stay mad at him
5:00: arrive back at Clifford Chance to fill out forms to renew my visa
5:00 to 5:42: while waiting with dread for supervisor to give me work, do a little bit of blogging. ohhhh so bad. this is NOT going on my time sheet, by the way.

So yeah. that's that. Of course, life has generally been more exciting than that, especially on the weekends, but, you know, work is hell.

Ok, I think I have fulfilled my blogging obligation for the next month or so. Done and done!

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