Monday, January 30, 2006

Weekend at Bernie's

So I have had this sudden blogging inspiration, like I should be doing it more often. Oddly I have felt the urge to blog at the same time that I decided to re-begin weight training at the gym. I think the two are related -- blogging is a form of Self Expression, while weight lifting is a form of Self Torture, so both revolve around The Self (me), which make them both deep, psychically-nourishing activities. Logic!

Since I haven't yet channeled my sudden burst of inspiration into a specific topic or format, I will do the easy (lazy) thing and write about my weekend. So. Here goes.

Friday, after a long and tedious day at work, I went home, made myself some soup, then gussied myself up in my white silk blouse (the one with black lace), jeans, and tall shoes, and went to meet my friend Dougal for drinks. We ended up in Vila Madalena, at a darling restaurant called Virô Bistrô.

We told the waiters we would not be dining, just having drinks, and they seemed reluctantly okay with it. There were only 2 other tables filled in the restaurant, so I figured they had to be a bit flexible. I really couldn't figure out why the place was so empty at 10 on a Friday, it was adorable and in a pretty happening location. I ordered a bottle of wine (anticipating the arrival of friend Nicola) and the waiter looked slightly horrified when Dougal said that he would not be having any -- I thought, that's right, garcom, that bottle of sauvignon blanc is alllllll for me. Don't bother with the glass, I'll just pour it right into my mouth, here, here, let me uncork that, I carry my own opener. I think everyone was relieved when Nicola showed up in 10 minutes or so and shared the wine with me. After Virô, we went to a nearby club called Grazie a Dio!, also in Vila Madalena.

The occasion was a birthday party for a trainee who works at the same firm as N and D, which was sort of awkward, since Nicola is not friends with any of the Brazilian trainees at her work (since they work on a different floor of the building), Dougal feels weird around them because he had some romantic intrigue with one of the girls that didn't go anywhere, and I don't even work there, but good fun was had by all. I had a vodka and coca light and forced my friends up onto the stage to dance. Dancing got old at around 3, when we looked around the club to see it populated almost exclusively by creepy old dudes with sideburns and drunk girls, so I hopped in a cab back to Moema and collapsed into bed.

Next day, I decided that Today would be The Day for restarting weights at Reebok. I had stopped weight lifting in October out of mild dislike of my trainer and supreme discomfort with doing leg-lifts. I don't know what it is about leg lifts, but they make me really uneasy, especially when you consider that I am one of the only girls at Academia Reebok who wears shorts to the gym. You do the math. Anyway, I bit the bullet and asked a female trainer to help me restart my regimen, and she was super nice and handed me off to a super nice male trainer, Fernando, who re-showed me the ropes. Sadly, he included leg lifts in the mix, but all in all, good workout, good fun. I came home and spent the rest of the day feeling proud of myself for lifting, watching the rain fall outside my window, and looking at the InStyle magazines my mom brought me when she visited.

I got antsy later that evening and decided to take myself to the cinema -- I wanted to see Rumor Has It, because I think Mark Ruffalo is dreamy, but it was sold out, so I had to settle for the Family Stone. I wasn't expecting to like it all that much, but it was actually -- dare I say it -- heartwarming. Well, sort of heart warming. It solidifed my dislike of Diane Keaton and re-inforced my long-time adoration of Luke Wilson, so at least I got something out of the experience. Love ya Luke!

Sunday was boring. But boring in a good way. And here it is, Monday, and I am back at trabalho, sigh.

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