Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Feliz Natal, suckaaaas!!

Merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate it, and a joyous Kwanzaa (Kwaanza?) to the rest of you.

I am back in San Francisco for Christmas this year, which would be 100% wonderful, except I have had to study every day here since I have law school exams as soon as I get back in January. Isn't that sadistic? Leave it to Harvard to devise the most cruel and unncessary -- dare I say UNUSUAL -- timing for our exams. The good news is, after I struggle through my three shiteous tests, I get to go to Puerto Rico for five days to lie on the beach/shake off the post-traumatic stress disorder. Yesss.

So, Christmas was good. I have consistently eaten myself sick every day for the last several days, what with all the cookies and candies and ham and beans and other deliciousness being shoved at me. Today we had Christmas morning breakfast at my godparents' house (eggs, beans, toast, etc.), and my cousin Megan gave us some tamales from Luz Maria's family's tortilla/tamale business in Palm Desert. We steamed those babies up for dinner tonight, along with the other leftovers; it was quite delicious. It's good to know people in the tamale business.

Besides the yummy food, some interesting things have happened here over the last several days. I think I will list them:

!. Earthquake
2. Another earthquake
3. Two people -- a police officer and a prison escapee -- were shot to death in our neighborhood
4. A third earthquake
5. A tiger attacked its handler at the zoo

... is anyone else getting sort of an Armageddon vibe from all this? Maybe it's just the freakishness of the tiger attack that's getting to me.

Clearly, the shootings were the most disturbing thing that happened. This suspect escaped from prison and was running around our neighborhood (...awesome), so the police set up a perimeter and went to look for him. He kicked in someone's door and was hiding in their garage when the officers found him, and he shot one of them in the face and then ran off. The fallen officer's partner went after the guy and found him in someone's backyard and shot him (or else the guy shot himself, it's not clear). In any case, the police officer died, which is really sad, of course. It was also really creepy to watch the news and think about our neighborhood being partitioned off as we sat there because an armed criminal was running around shooting cops.

All the earthquakes were weird, too. It reminded me of this summer, when I became kind of really paranoid about earthquakes. They're so freaky because once they start, you don't know when they're going to stop -- it could be The Big One! It also doesn't help that I live with a certified earthquake alarmist (my mother) and now my dad is jumping on the bandwagon, claiming he felt one today (but it was all in his head).

Well, enough of this creepiness. Merry Christmas, Feliz Natal, Feliz Navidad, etc.! I am going to put on some Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack and get back to the studying.

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