Sunday, February 25, 2007

Ruined music.

We've all been there. A song that once brought you great joy is subsequently ruined by a breakup or some other unpleasant change in circumstance. As in, "I can never listen to Vitamin C's "Graduation Song" again -- that bastard ruined it for me forever." It sucks because songs that are actually really good and probably have multiple memories attached to them, some of which are no doubt untainted, are permanently ruined and officially unlistenable, ever again. Dang.

Anyway this website lets people write essays about songs that are now ruined for them, thanks to unrequited crushes went awry, nasty breakups, and the like:

Enjoy. Or don't. It might still be too painful to pop in "I'm All Out of Love" after everything you've been through. Give it time.

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