Monday, August 20, 2007

Little by little

This blog entry is like one of those emails you (I) send to your (my) parents just to say that you're alive, since it's been a while and they are picturing you dead on the side of the road with tire tracks on your face.

So HI, I'm alive!

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind. Let me summarize in a really obnoxious, one-paragraph-with-minimal-explanation kind of way: I finished work at my NGO, my friend Suraj came down from the US, Ariella and I threw one last awesome dinner party at Club Stariella, my friend Karen arrived from the US, the three of us drank and ate our way through Buenos Aires for a few days, we flew to Cordoba, we slept (a lot) we went horseback riding, we rented a car and drove from Cordoba to Mendoza, S taught K and I how to drive a stick shift, we got to Mendoza and went on a roadtrip into the Andes and crossed the border into Chile just for the hell of it, we saw an ice bridge, we organized our own wine tasting trip (semi-successful), Suraj left, Karen and I went "trekking" (hiking) with a group of unprepared (and possibly drunk) Europeans, we rappelled down a few cliffs, we froze our asses off and then visited some much-needed hot springs, we chowed down at an asado, no one showered for a few days because the hostel showers were so putrid, K went to the bus station, I went to the airport, I flew to Brazil, I got held up in Guarulhos airport in São Paulo for several hours while attempting to pay the ginormous fine I had racked up from overstaying my visa last year, I arrived at the hotel in São Paulo, I tried to recoup my Portuguese, and here I am, sitting in the hotel lobby in São Paulo, updating my blog.

So, I should probably write more detailed posts about each of the things I mentioned above, and I'll get around to it eventually, but right now I am so exhausted from attempting to think, speak and write in Portuguese all day (after three months of near-immersion en castellano), that I just can't do it. Don't give up on me, though, I'll be back soon.

Tchauzinho e até logo!

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