Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Viva la polo shirt


Okay, so the fact that Castro is "alive" is old news (since, as you know, I post every article about his public "appearances" on my blog) but this article, describing his latest public outing in Santa Clara, has a little something extra:

The audience in Santa Clara included Cuba’s vice president, Carlos Lage, dressed in a red polo shirt decorated with a Che logo, and Venezuela’s foreign minister, Nicol├ís Maduro.

Why is this excerpt even remotely interesting? Because my dear friend Suraj and I have had a running joke that we should market Che polo shirts. This joke, by the by, has been repeated ad nauseum by yours truly, even when not funny anymore, whenever any mention of Che t-shirts comes up, which is (not surprisingly) often when you travel in Latin America/frequent hostels/associate with Gatorade hippies.

So, the idea is, instead of having a little polo player or alligator or whatever embroidered on the breast of the polo shirt, we'd have a little version of that iconic picture of Che. See below, since it's highly possible that you've never seen this image before*:

Well, looks like the communists beat us to our genius marketing scheme. As they tend to do. And they have officially killed our clever joke, now that it's become a reality, thanks to Carlos Lage. Dang enterprising Cubans!

Now Suraj and I need to revise our idea and come up with some other obnoxious, yuppie market we can exploit by putting Che's pictures on its products. Perhaps we can start a line of Che cookware sold at Williams Sonoma? Or Che bedclothes available exclusively at Pottery Barn? Then again, patrons of those places might fall outside of our target age demographic. How can we best take advantage of the total and dumbfounding lack of irony among the current Che tee shirt-wearing set? This is a puzzler.

Please post any and all marketing ideas here. Viva la revoluci├│n.

*If you live on Mars.

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