Thursday, November 22, 2007

Turkey Lurkey

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! That includes you teenage boys in Sweden who just googled "Brasilian wax," expecting something else, and ended up here. I hope you're all writing in your Oprah-inspired gratitude journals right now. And, if you aren't, please do so soon, because it's never good to disobey Oprah's orders. I, for one, am sitting on the couch watching the Macy's Thanksgiving parade and considering leaving soon for my annual Thanksgiving run.

It's wonderful being in San Francisco for Thanksgiving -- it's 65 degrees, sunny, and clear. I went out on my parents' back porch this morning and could see the Golden Gate bridge and the ocean sparkling in the sun. What a change from all those frigid Thanksgivings I spent in Michigan, watching the snow swirling around the half-frozen Detroit parade participants on TV. I guess there's something cozy about sitting inside with a big hunk of turkey with snow falling outside. But there's something way better about putting on a pair of shorts and running down to the beach on Thanksgiving and then coming back and watching people being cold somewhere else.

My dad, who is also sitting here watching the parade, is convinced that the Thanksgiving anchor lady who is narrating the parade on TV is chemically enhanced. "She's doped up! Look at her!" he insists. I think he might be right. But who are we to judge? She's just bringing the Thanksgiving cheer to national TV, that's all. Dad just interjected, "This gal is loopty-loop!"

May you all have loopy and delicious Thanksgiving days!

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