Friday, December 07, 2007

Fleetwood wack

Some people are men of few words. My dad is a man of few CDs. I am pretty sure his collection consists of the following artists: John Denver, Chicago, and Fleetwood Mac. I am with Dad all the way on the Chicago (not even Boyz II Men can do that band justice), but I will never understand the Fleetwood Mac thing.

First of all, what does Fleetwood Mac even mean? Oh, it's someone's name? Oh... okay, so that mystery's solved, I guess. But I have other, deeper issues with Fleetwood Mac. Like, if you're going to write a song with a big declaratory statement as the chorus, maybe you should make sure that the statement is actually true and not completely false. I am referring, of course, to the song "Dreams," and its insistence that "thunder only happens when it rains." No, it doesn't. Sometimes it thunders when it's not raining, and I resent them trying to tell me otherwise.

Third: if -- speaking hypothetically of course -- your name is Stephanie, why would you go by Stevie? Traitor.

So, as evidenced by the three aforementioned reasons, Fleetwood Mac is awful.

My dad's still cool, though.

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