Friday, May 08, 2009

Now & then

Today, I took my last law school exam ever. I am happy (see proof below).

It's weird to think that I've been in law school for almost three years and have taken five sets of final exams. Weirder still is that once I pass the bar (fingers crossed) at the end of July, I'll be a real lawyer. That means I'll be totally justified in writing "Esquire" after my name, and/or insisting that people call me "Dra." in Latin America. It also means I can legally go by my first initial and middle name (S. Margaret), and can begin to wear a severe bun.

I feel like I'm going to be passing on a lot of these professional benefits.

To be honest, I don't think the whole being-done-with-law-school thing has really sunk in yet. Earlier today, I was reflecting on what I did after finishing my exams spring of 1L year, two long years ago. Basically, the second I finished my exam, I went outside and began drinking with all of my section-mates, and kept that up until I had to start work that summer. It was awesome.

The afternoon we finished finals, someone thought enough ahead to bring a blender and various forms of booze and we sat outside in back of the Hark until someone came out and told us that mixing alcoholic beverages outside was against the rules. I actually think they just felt sorry for the kids still taking take-home exams in the dorms right next door, who could no doubt hear us reveling on our done-ness. Perhaps the best part of that day was when I got to jump in a giant bouncy house and express my sheer joy over finishing my first year of law school.

Now, that picture is my traditional "done with finals!" facebook picture. It really captures my feelings about the whole thing.

Today was a bit more low key. After I finished my eight-hour take home exam, I met up with my boyfriend, ate some candy, drank a Diet Coke, and walked around Harvard Yard, looking at all the beautiful buildings and flowering trees. Then, I took myself to get a manicure and pedicure, and now I'm sitting around, listening to Stevie Wonder (My Cherie Amour) and blogging. Oh, how times have changed! I haven't become totally boring in my old age, though. I'm about to go sit outside in this gorgeous weather and have a beer, before going to tear it up at salsa dancing.

Life is good, and I am DONE! Later, HLS. It's been real.

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