Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bloggin' on a bus

Hello. Big news: I'm writing this post from a bus! Buses have wireless now. Who knew? Actually, I expected the whole wireless-bus thing to be more thrilling and life-changing than it has actually been, since I've spent my entire trip so far (2 hours and some) reading a book (and eating a sandwich), neither of which required the internet. I guess my failure to take advantage of the in-bus-wireless up until now can be blamed on the fact that I was born pre-1994 and therefore don't spend every single waking minute using some sort of technology. Kids today! Rascals.

Anyway, the point of this post, contrary to what its title may suggest, is not to brag about using my computer on a bus. It's actually to announce that I am going to try to write here more frequently, because I had one of my annual moments of being chastened by other bloggers' prolificacy and my own laziness. But, to be realistic in this year's goal of better blogging, I think I will write more frequent but also probably shorter posts from now on. It just seems less daunting that way.

K, that's all. I'm on my way to New York to help celebrate the 27th birthday of my good friends Julia and Claire. Much hilarity is certain to ensue, then I will be back on the bus tomorrow afternoon to return to DC. As long as I manage to squeeze some Tasti-d-lite and/or Sixteen Handles into my 24 hours in New York, I'll be satisfied. And, if nothing else, at least there's wireless on the bus.

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