Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bufandas, etc.

This is an email I wrote home last week. There is some overlap with previous posts. Apologies.

This email, which will recount things I have done/experienced since my last email, will be in bullet format because I am in a bullet-y kind of mood. Okay. Here we go.

-I have started drinking mate. Upside: it tastes good and makes my heart beat really fast. Downside: I burnt my lips and they turned black and green. Really, small price to pay for a drink that has 30% more caffeine than coffee, am I right? Or am I right?

-I took a tango class! It was at the community center in my barrio. First, they teach you how to walk, which I was really good at (not to brag), and then they quickly progress into like, dancing and spinning and kicking and stuff. I lasted an hour and 15 minutes and then took off when the class was sufficiently over my cabeza.

- Emily came and visited. Here are things we did: 1) went boot/shoe/elastic-waisted-genie-pant shopping, 2) listened to Uruguayan music, 3) ate Freddo ice cream (word to the wise: don't order mint, it tastes like Listerine/booze), 4) went to my gym and got in a minor altercation with the mean lady behind the desk, 5) bought bufandas, 6) ate steak, 7) drank coke out of glass bottles, 8) took a tango class (see above), 9) attended "French night" at some French bar for like 5 seconds , 10) ate surprisingly tasty Thai food, 11) watched The Office, 12) took the colectivo, 13) did laundry, 14) attended "after work drinks" at Opera Bay.

This last point deserves a bit of explanation. "After work drinks" in Buenos Aires is actually code for "go clubbing on Wednesday." Opera Bay is a big boliche (club) in Puerto Madero, the exterior of which is roughly modeled after the Sydney Opera House, with 4 different dance floors each playing a different type of music -- sounds awesome, right? Yes. So, on Wednesdays, for "after work drinks," you have to be either wearing a suit or female to be let in -- no exceptions. The plus side of Opera Bay is that on one of the dance floors they play fun 80s music -- Thriller! -- but the downside is that you have to wade through a sea of potential date rapists to be able to dance to it. I am not making light of date rape here, I just don't know how else to classify the legions of mulleted, suit-wearing, leering Argentine businessman that attend these events. It's not that they're just creepy and aggressive -- it's that they don't take NO for an answer. The slogan "NO SIGNIFICA NO" apparently never reached Argentina, I've learned. If a girl is walking by, these men grab whatever body part is within reach for them -- arm, butt, stomach, shoulder, back -- and if she says "no me toques," (don't touch me) they interpret that as "please, continue to touch me, rat-tailed stranger who I have never talked to." The last straw for me was when a dude threw his sweater over my head. It's like... why? Just... why? ANYWAY, despite the overabundance of creepiness, we still managed to dance and have a blast. Thank goodness for my sharp little elbows!

- I went to a concert the other night -- it was a Brazilian band called +2, I think. The reason I say "I think" is because each one of their CD's is attributed to a different artist. Let me explain -- in the band there are 3 dudes, Moreno, Kassin, and Domenico, and the band has put out 3 CDs, one by Domenico+2, one by Kassin+2, and one by Moreno+2, each titled something different. Confused? Me too. I guess it doesn't matter what the band is called, but they were great. The music is sort of a combo of traditional bossa nova/samba and experimental, almost electronic music. One of the guys, Moreno, is the son of Caetano Veloso, the famous Brazilian musician, who is also coming to Buenos this summer, incidentally. The concert was fun and got me more enthused about going to Sao Paulo at the end of the summer. Basically, good music and the prospect of eating large quantities of mandioca frita are my main motivating factors.

- Ariella and I attended experimental theater! See my blog. Sorry, don't feel like re-explaining "theater of the blind." If you're too lazy to go to the blog, just use your imagination. Theater + blind.

- I met former President Menem and the President of the Supreme Court of Argentina. Also see blog.

- OH, way more exciting than Menem -- I hung out with Men in Trees/Dumb and Dumberer again but he has since left the country. Coincidentally, I started watching Men in Trees on the WB Channel down here -- EXCELLENT show. I recommend it highly.

Hmmm I can't think of too many other things to report on. Same ol, same ol. I went to some parties, went to work, ate tartas, drank mate, burnt my lips. The usual. Well, email me back soon and let me know you care, (you). <-- very personal message.


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