Monday, February 04, 2008

My favorite Superbowl commercial....ever.

So, I just watched the Super Bowl, which was disappointing for two main reasons:

1. The Patriots lost (which I don't care about), but there were no riots to be seen (I was at someone's apartment near Fenway), despite the 50 million police officers with clubs and the 15 armored trucks right outside our door. I mean...if the Pats are gonna lose, the least Boston could do is start a few fires, right?

2. The commercials were not as good as last year. I was expecting great things, or at least something as funny as my favorite Super Bowl commercial ever, which I am posting here:

Beard Comb-over

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The commercial above is amazing and will never be topped, because it involves Jim Gaffigan, Michael Ian Black (dreamy), short shorts and roller skates. This year's commercials, in contrast, were either racist cartoons, boring shots of cars driving in futuristic landscapes, talking animals (SO five years ago), or just plain nonsense (Naomi Campbell dancing with lizards). Come on, Super Bowl. Get it together.

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  1. i totally agree - the commercials this year were, well.... "blah"

    (and the beard combover was excellent)