Thursday, April 17, 2008


The title of this post refers to the harsh flagellation I deserve for falling off the blogodar for so long.* There's really no good excuse for it, as usual. But I want to tell you some of the things I have done since last writing, just so you won't think I've been sitting on the couch reading Marie Claire and eating Ho Ho's.

I have:

- gone hang gliding in Rio. I gained a huge dose of confidence in my chances of not crashing to my death after seeing a pudgy, middle aged patron go ahead of me.

- drank *several* caipirinhas over the course of my 8 day vacation to Brazil, each of which could be (and probably was) described (by me) as "the best caipirinha I've ever had in my LIFE, you guys."

- smoked my first cigar. Clean living!

- negotiated the crap out of a fake divorce settlement in my Negotiation Workshop (super depressing, yet rewarding)

- finished a first draft of a long-ass research paper, which makes me feel like I don't actually have to do any more work this semester, despite having several final exams and papers to prepare for.

- watched a full season of 'Real Housewives of New York City' on Bravo. Typical dialogue from the show:
Alex: "My children, Francois and Johan, have a French au pair who ONLY speaks to them in French. They're fluent now. We are just so lucky to be raising our children to be bilingual."
*Jump to shot of French au pair and children eating breakfast.*
French au pair: (in English) Francois, can you say "cereal" in French?
Francois: *sullen silence.*
French au pair: Francois? How about "milk?" Remember how I taught you this word?
Francois: I HATE milk. I want sparkling white grape juice!

- narrowly avoided getting dengue fever in a creepy, dank, mosquito-infested hostel in Buzios

- hung out with elderly Azorean ladies at a local Portuguese community center.

- got my butt (and various other body parts) handed to me on a plate by a gym class called Body Bar. It has been almost three days since I did the class, and it still hurts to sit. And walk. And lift my arms. I am DEFINITELY doing it again next week.

- eaten almost half a pound of Twizzler's Pull & Peel with my boyfriend. That's half a pound EACH, incidentally.

- found an apartment in Washington, DC for this summer with my roommate, yay.

There's probably more stuff. But as you can see, I've been a busy girl. Twizzlers, Real Housewives, masochistic workout classes -- my plate is quite full right now. Speaking of masochistic workouts, I am going to scurry off to the gym now. Promise I'll be better at blogging once finals are over. PROMISE.

*We need WAY more words to describe the world of blogging, hence "blogodar." Patent pending.

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