Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Babbling brook of consciousness

I signed on to my blog just now because I remembered how in my last post, I had apologized profusely for not writing and being inexcusably lazy, and had promised to remedy the situation, starting NOW. So, in an effort to make good on that promise, I figured I might as well just sign on to the old blog and see what I have to say, even if I can't think of anything interesting to share at the moment. It's like one of those creative writing exercises! "Fill up a blank page with whatever comes to mind, just keep that pencil moving!"

But actually, does anyone ever actually light upon a fantastic idea while scrawling self-indulgent drivel on a piece of paper? Stream of consciousness exercises are to writing what word association exercises are to therapy -- filler. Stream of consciousness exercises are what happens when your Learning Annex professor wants to go take a "cigarette" break and needs to keep the class busy for 11 minutes or so while he goes to his Volvo to get his rolling papers. Oh, and speaking of word association, one of my favorite scenes from the movie "What About Bob" is when an unwitting Bob is being driven by his therapist, Dr. Leo Marvin, to the mental institution where he will be committed for observation:

Bob: Where are we going?
Dr. Leo Marvin: Intensive psychotherapy.
Bob: Wahoo! Okay, some free associations from my infancy. A beach ball. A dog. A log. A poodle. A noodle. A doodle.

So, be warned -- this post may turn out to be of the poodle/doodle/noodle variety.

Here are some things I definitely won't be discussing in this blog post:

- the Pennsylvania primary
- abortion art at Yale
- Earth Day or anything involving being "green"
- the goings-on in Kenya
- Richie Sambora
- the Boston marathon

Things I am tempted to write about, but won't:

- this month's "Red-Hot Read" in Cosmo
- naan, and why it is so good
- my sore throat and runny nose
- the Real Housewives of New York City
- the weather

Okay, so here's what I am actually going to share with you today. I am shamelessly stealing this idea from Perez Hilton, but the video (and the accompanying New Yorker article) are fascinating, so everyone should take a look. This is a video of a man, Nicholas White, who was trapped in an elevator at his work for 41 hours. The video is from the security cameras and only takes a few minutes to watch -- really unsettling and interesting!


Anyway, that's all I've got for you today. Just be thankful I spared you some free associations from my own infancy.

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