Monday, December 22, 2008

Blame (French) Canada.

I promise not to write an angry screed against Air Canada or their employees. This isn't really the proper forum for angry screeds.*

I will only ask the following question: how does an airline go about losing the bag of a passenger who has never left the airport? It's a riddle!

No, but seriously, Air Canada? You canceled my flight, so I never left Montreal. So how the HELL did you manage to lose my bag? Do you need me to ask this in French?

Anyway, I am still in the Montreal Airport, which has become like a horrible, French Canadian home away from home for me, and I am supposed to be flying out in 20 minutes. If they cancel my flight today, I will kill someone. You'll see my name in the news (le Gazette!).

*Not that that's stopped me in the past.

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