Friday, February 27, 2009

Grab Bag

Hi. I'm in the library. I know, I can't believe it either. I've somehow gotten into this disturbing habit of going directly from my Corporations class on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday straight into the Langdell law library, my sworn (edifice) enemy (please see: for more details).

I don't know, maybe I am becoming soft/nerdy in my old age, but I don't hate Langdell with the intense bile and bitterness that I did before. I still think it's lame that people have lockers in the law library -- I mean, how do you even sign up for that? -- but since I am a 3L, I can now approach Langdell with the calm remove of one who does not care anymore. Plus, it's not finals time, so the kids hanging out in the study carrels have not yet transformed into the wild-eyed, highlighter-stained variety of law student that will no doubt be populating this room in a few months. Believe me, I'll be far away from this place once finals roll around. *Shudder.*

Anyway, for someone who is in the library trying to be "productive," I'm managing to not get much done, so I figured I might as well give the people what they want and blog a little bit. Since I don't have a coherent theme in mind, this post will be a list of thoughts I've had recently, in no particular order.

1. I can't decide if Twitter is stupid or fun. I'm thinking it's more stupid, verging on pointless. But I still feel compelled to do it.

2. Why do some people take things that are meant to be fun so seriously that it actually ruins the fun? An example: last night, Al and I went to our weekly trivia-pizza-PBR night at the Newtown(e) Grill(e) in Cambridge and were flatly rejected by another group of HLS students when we asked if they wanted to combine forces and form a team. They had four people, we had two. A trivia team is ideally six people. Do the math. They told us no. Then, later, one of them sheepishly approached our table (I think only after they realized that their four-person team was sucking big-time at trivia) and asked if we wanted to join them after all. Al and I have our pride, so we said "thanks but no thanks." I mean, come on! The social dimness of some* law students kills me. And people say that engineers are the ones with Aspberger's Syndrome. Yikes.

3. I am obsessed with Real Housewives of Orange County, but MEGA-obsessed with Real Housewives of New York, especially with Simon and Alex. How do I love them? Let me count the ways! 1) they are admitted and committed social climbers, 2) their children's names are Francois and Johann McCord, 3) Alex had a nude photo scandal that managed to be both awkward and boring and 4) Simon wears a thong on the beach.

4. Is one's conception of love influenced by one's social class? Al and I got into this discussion last night. He said yes, I said I wasn't so sure. Then I started thinking about all the girls on The Bachelor who told the bachelor that they were "falling for him" after being on a sound-stage with him for like, nine days. The thing is, I think at least some of those women genuinely believe that they're "in love" with this guy:

Is that a function of class? Maybe. Is it a function of being a reality show prostitute?** More likely.

5. I am not the only one who thinks Gwyneth Paltrow is awful. Please recall this post from a few months ago:
Well, the New York Times has noticed that others seem to be lashing back at the heinous Ms. Paltrow and her "lifestyle" newsletter, the oddly titled GOOP: I guess others object on a fundamental level to Gwynnie dictating her recipes and parenting tips to the commoners, too. I feel vindicated.

Okay, those are my five thoughts. Going to pretend to write a law school paper now. Later!

*Okay, most
**A prostitute is someone who has sex in return for money, right? Okay, just checking.

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