Wednesday, May 09, 2007

donde esta la biblioteca

The library and I had a brief reconciliation. Now we are back on bad terms again. Damn 'brary always drives me to it.

I am, of course, NOT referring to the Langdell law library - that place and I have never been on speaking terms. Every time I go in that horrific monstrosity of a building, I see tons of kids from my section, curled into study carrels, feverishly typing away WHILE highlighting their casebook in six different colors WHILE writing notes in the margin WHILE moving their lips silently, no doubt memorizing every estate that exists under property law. No, no, the law library and I aren't cool, and probably never will be. I was actually talking about Lamont, the sort of dingy undergrad library with the cafe on the first floor.

Since finals began, I have made the big leap from studying in the Lamont cafe, where people talk and eat and laugh and can still see the outside world through big glass windows, to the 5th floor "quiet study area," where phones are kept on silent, people come early to hoard seat cushions (since the chairs are apparently made out of some sort of granite-disguised-as-wood), where it is necessary to stuff food into your face furtively, lest risk being handed a "ticket" ordering you to dispose of the offending food immediately, and the atmosphere is generally one of intensity and sadness.

This is where I sit now, in a study carrel, and where I have been since 9:30 AM. You'd think that in 8 hours I'd have gotten tons done, that I'd be feeling virtuous and energized and smarter for all my efforts. You'd be wrong. I feel ineffectual, exhausted, distracted, and slightly dumber. I guess others in my situation would take this opportunity to, say, stop blogging, and bear down and get more done, but I think I might have actually reached my breaking point. Just a few days ago, after spending all my available daylight hours in Lamont, I briskly walked home feeling powerful and efficient for my studying stamina. Those days are gone. Now the goal is just to cling to dear life until Monday at 11 am, when I will be done with both my property and contracts exams.

Almost there.

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