Saturday, July 16, 2005

A Palavra on Portuguese

Here are some things I've done to prepare myself for being immersed in a Portuguese speaking country:

1. Read half of a novel (Dois Irmãos) by a Brazilian author... IN PORTUGUESE
2. Made flashcards of words such as "enxoval" (trousseau) and "manga" (sleeve) that I think will really help me when I get down there.
3. Found a Portuguse-language radio station (96.1) that is pretty much all commercials for furniture stores interspersed with accordion music. Actually, for half the day, the station is in Mandarin, so it's about half furniture store/accordion, half Beijing opera.
4. Took one quarter of accelerated Portuguese (1a) at Stanford.
5. Went to a Brazilian restaurant in San Fransicso and ordered the "salada de berinjela" (eggplant salad). It was good.

That's about it.

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