Saturday, July 16, 2005

T-Minus 2 Days

It's Friday night, July 15, 2005. I leave for Sao Paulo on Monday. I get there on Wednesday. It's a long flight.

Right now I am at my grandparents' quiet house in San Francisco; it's foggy, I am drinking Irish tea with milk, and my grandfather is watching crime shows in the other room. Sitting here, it's hard to imagine that in a few days I'll be in the middle of a city of 18 million people, on the opposite side of the globe, in my own apartment, with a Real Job in a Big Global Law Firm. I gave up trying to make the whole thing feel real, because it still seems like something I made up.

Here are some of my expectations for what I will encounter in Brazil:

1. Initial shyness about speaking Portuguese, followed (HOPEFULLY) by competency and finally, fluency, if such a thing exists.
2. Hot guys. (Please God don't let Brazilian men be
as into mullets/rat-tails/hair gel as Chileans/Argentines are. Please.)
3. Mangoes
4. Hot guys.
5. Hot shoes and handbags which I will NOT allow myself to buy because I have a budget of like negative $800 a month.
6. Smog and uncleanliness.
7. Smoke.
8. Traffic and horrendous drivers.
9. Hot guys.
Good Lebanese food and sushi.
11. Intimidating webs of public transportation that I will undoubtedly get lost on and end up crying in the bus depot in the middle of a favela.
12. Shocking disparities between the rich and the poor. What else is new in Latin America.
13. Disappointing gum options. Not that I have the money to spend on gum.

Some of these predictions/expectations may sound a bit dour but actually, I am incredibly excited and, dare I say, PSYCHED to go to SP and have a great time. I can't wait!

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