Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Big soft donkey eyes

The case Fuller v. Illinois Central RR (Miss 1911), mentions the impact of the case of Davies v. Mann, in which plaintiff fettered his donkey on a public highway, only to have the donkey run over by defendant's wagon. The donkey died. The Fuller court described it this way:

The groans, ineffably and mournfully sad, of Davies' dying donkey, have resounded around the earth. The last lingering gaze from the soft, mild eyes of this docile aimal, like the last parting sunbeams of the softest day in spring, has appealed to and touched the hearts of men. There has girdled the globe a band of sympathy for Davies' immortal "critter." Its ghost, like Banquo's ghost, will not go down for the behest of the people who are charged with inflicting injuries, nor can its groanings be silenced by the rantings and excoriations of carping critics.

God, I love law school.

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