Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Reflections on Birthdays and Halloweens

I have been lucky enough over the past 4 years to have celebrated my birthday (AND Halloween) in three different countries. I thought I'd reflect a bit on a few of these celebrations -- the highs, the lows, the weirdnesses.

21st birthday/Halloween: Santiago de Chile

This birthday involved the infamous Bellavista chair incident, in which, as I was talking loudly and enthusiastically to all of my friends at an outside bar in the funky Bellavista barrio, I went to sit down in a chair and TOTALLY missed, thus crashing onto the ground mid-sentence. Awww, yeah. Other highlights of this bday included: manjar cake, dinner at Como Agua Para Chocolate (fancy Mexican restaurant), drinking pisco out of a Coca Lite bottle on the metro, the series finale of Machos (!!!), and having a joint bday celebration with VanTasma and Sam.

The Halloween celebrations were interesting in Chile, because it was just starting to catch on there. It was popular with kids, like my little host sister and her friends, who all dressed like 8-year-old slutty devils and trick-or-treated around the apartment complex. But with adults, the whole concept was less clear. People seemed unsure about how the candy, the decorations, and the costumes all fit together, but some women did catch on to the Slutty Costume thing. Anyway, my friends and I went out to a club on Halloween, and only one of us, Bianca, dressed up. She drew spiders on her face and wore a long flowy skirt -- she was a BRUJA (witch)! No one got it. I guess Chileans need a few years for the whole Halloween idea to really sink in.

23rd birthday: Sao Paulo, Brazil

I think my myspace blog entry from my birthday last year says a lot. Here it is:

feliz aniversario
Current mood: cheerful

it's my birthday today, yippee hooray! i got to go to a talk on the sarbanes oxley act in the morning -- happy birthday to me. at least there was cake at the lunch so i felt somewhat validated as the bday girl... tonight the plan is sushi and clubbing at Asia 70. yaaay!

The fact that I was in a "cheerful" mood about attending a talk on the freaking Sarbanes Oxley act (in Portuguese, by the by) on my birthday really speaks loudly about how FUN my job was. Anyway, that birthday actually improved a lot after the conference ended. I went out to sushi at a restaurant/club called Asia 70, and aside from the fact that I sat alone at the table for an hour before any of my guests showed up (yay for Brazilian sense of time, which apparently all of my British friends adopted as well), the night turned out to be really fun/crazy.

Halloween in Brazil apparently does not exist. That's all.

24th birthday: Boston, Massachusetts.

Awesomely fun. This birthday also involved sushi, at a super nice place in Boston, and lots of wine. One of the best parts of the bday was that Karen was here, so we had a blast, obviously. After dinner, a bunch of my Harvard friends joined me at Gypsy Bar, where we shook our booties till it shut down. Man, what a night.

Halloween: please see previous posts, especially Jem pictures.

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