Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Being Debbie Downer

Just call me Debbie Downer.. WOMP WOMMMMP.

Sister 1: I want to see the Country Bear Jamboree!

Sister 2: I want to go to every country in Epcot, and greet them in their own native language! "Hola!" "Konnichiwa!" "Hi!"

Debbie Downer: Do you guys care about that train explosion in North Korea? The media is so sensitive there.. so secretive -- that they may never know how many people perished.

Ohhhh man... I am trying to stay out of Debbie territory (see above) as I sit rotting in my room, attempting to study. So far today I have studied for 5 hours, which sounds like a lot to a normal person, but is probably nothing compared to all the other nerds at Harvard who take breaks from sleeping during the night to review the elements of torts. WOMP WOOOMMMP.

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