Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Losing my momentum to study, like, I don't know, whoa.

I have knocked down two exams (civil procedure and criminal law) and have ONE more to go before sweet, sweet deliverance (and tropical vacation). Unfortunately, the exam up ahead of me (torts) may very well assault and batter me, or intentionally inflict emotional distress upon me, or otherwise cause a legally cognizable harm that I should be able to sue my torts professor for.


I just keep picturing a generic white sandy beach, a striped towel, a perspiring rum and coke with big cubes of ice, and me asleep with a gossip magazine melting onto my chest in the Caribbean sun. That's what's getting me through these days of creepy Boston rain and wind, and the looming horror of my Wednesday torts exam.

I guess there have been a few nice moments since I got back onto campus: I've gone running along the river when the weather has been beautiful and bright, I've watched a good deal of Law and Order SVU, and I discovered diningin.com, which is a God-send for a girl who only leaves her room for exercise and essential errands (i.e. buying gum). Mostly the high point of this exam period has just been the absence of any freaking-out on my part, which I have managed by studiously avoiding all Harvard students in study-scary mode.

Now, as usual, I probably should be studying torts, memorizing the difference between joint liability, several liability, and joint and several liability, or perhaps figuring out how to calculate punitive damages, but honestly... can't do it.

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