Saturday, May 19, 2007

People I want to marry, and other things

People I want to marry who are probably/definitely unavailable:

1. Michael Ian Black - out of my league. Oh and married.
2. Brandon Flowers - Mormon. Also married.
3. Mark Ruffalo - married, famous, blah blah.
4. Jim Halpert - fictional.

Those are my top four, anyway.

So, speaking of marriage, my dear cousin Emily O'Rourke and i are on our SECOND cousin honeymoon in Boston. That looks creepy when I type it, but trust me, it's a beautiful thing. You'll recall that our first honeymoon took place in northeastern Brazil last March, where we went horseback riding and had long candlelit suppers.

It's going to be hard to top that magic, but sitting on my butt right now in a comfortable, squishy, warm, hotel room bed is coming pretty close. This is exactly what I needed after the last few weeks of finals madness and then hardcore celebration that involved, of course, major abuse to my body.

As soon as I finished my post-exam partying (12 pm to 4 am on Monday/Tuesday, no big deal), I got on a bus to New York on Tuesday morning (unpleasant) and went to the Telemundo Upfront and saw hot telenovela stars and presentadores, including the host of 12 Corazones, my favorite Spanish-language dating/quiz show. After that, on Wednesday morning, I had to drag my butt back to Boston, move all the crap out of my room (a 2-day process), and tie up all my loose ends around campus. For example, I had to eat at Three Aces one last time before I left -- stuff like that.

And now, finally, it's over, and I have exactly one week to relax before going to Argentina. Here we go.

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