Friday, June 01, 2007

sin asunto

Here is the first email I wrote home from Bs. As. More to come, eager readers:

Hello precious ones -

I'm writing you from the computer (manufactured circa 1989) in my
apartment in BUENOS AIRES. I don't think all of the letters of the
alphabet were actually invented yet when this computer was produced so
please excuse any typos.

I got here yesterday morning and lived a mini-pesadilla (nightmare!)
when I realized the rental company expected my rent payment in cash
and would not accept my American check. They were very not happy with
me when they realized I had $120 in cash. This is a problem since
ATM's here only let you take out $300 a day. Stupid repeated economic

For a minute I had flashes of myself homeless in Buenos Aires, digging
through the trash for scraps of other people's leftover empanadas, and
inevitably, as desperation set in, spray painting myself bronze and
standing on a box and holding very still until I had enough pity pesos
to buy myself my OWN empanada. Luckily, though, I didn't have to
resort to performance art to get by -- it's no way to live, really --
because the rental people agreed to allow me to stay in my apartment
as long as I get $4000 in cash by Tuesday through a wire transfer. If
the transfer doesn't come through, though, then someone needs to wire
me a can of spray paint. And a box. And a hat. And maybe a boombox
with an Enya CD. Thanks.

Anyway today I spent my day joining a gym ("Megatlon!"), walking
around, buying groceries from a store that was impossibly far away
from my house and then passing like 8 more supermarkets on the way
home, and watching "Las Vegas" with Spanish subtitles. It's around 5
pm now, the witching hour, and I am debating whether to sit around
until meeting up with a couple of friends later, or attempting to find
a beauty salon to get my eyebrows done somewhere. I am leaning towards

Sorry this email is so short. Since I've only been here a day and a
half I haven't really had any adventures or anything. From what I can
tell, Buenos still seems frickin' sweet, although I am disappointed
that after being here 30-some hours, I have still not eaten any steak.
However, last night I met up with John and his Brazilian friend Rafael
and we had some malbec, so I am on the right track.

Hope this email finds you all well, wherever you are.

Hasta pronto

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