Saturday, September 15, 2007

Change of haaaht

Something occurred to me the other day - I don't hate Boston as much as I used to. I think this is a function of several factors:

1. It has not started snowing yet - my fingers, toes, and mental health remain intact!

2. I spent the summer in a city whose inhabitants make the most hardened Massholes look like Walmart greeters in comparison.

3. I'm kinda warming up to the loud, brash Boston-ite thing.

The first factor will obviously be null and void within the next week or so, when I will most likely rekindle my hatred for the frozen sludgefest that is Cambridge in the fall/winter/spring. But the other two things -- those could stick.

I started to realize that I don't actually despise Boston people the other day when the Comcast guy came over to rectify the completely f-ed up cable and internet situation in our apartment. He was a big guy wearing a baseball cap and looked like he could probably fix anything, ever, with his bare hands and some wire clippers. I felt comforted by his presence as he put a hole in our wall and swore enthusiastically at the crappy quality of the wiring in our apartment. He told me a story about Stah-bucks, and how, upon his only visit there, he refused to call a "laahge f***ing coffee" a "venti" and told the Stah-bucks employees where to stick their fake-o Italian phraseology. Now he just sticks to Dunkin Donuts, where a laahge is just a laahge.

I liked the Comcast guy. He fixed our cable and he hates Starbucks, so he gets some major points on both those counts, and I found his Boston accent and constant use of the f-word comforting and endearing. Then, the other day, as Elise and I were studying in our living room with the windows open, we heard some dudes on the street below yelling congenially at each other in thick Boston accents. One of them was talking about something funny he saw and he said it was "high-larious." High-larious! I loved hearing that pronunciation of hilarious and think I might pronounce it that way from now on. Not sure if that's actually a Boston thing, but I am gonna say it is and chalk another point up to my newfound appreciation for this place.

I think this Boston appreciation has its limits though. Can't foresee myself liking -- or remotely caring about -- the Red Sox. Still don't like people being rude to me in customer service situations -- smiling is not going to kill you, nasty lady behind every single counter in Boston. Oh, and I still actively hate the cab system here - let's not even get into that. And I obviously despise being cold. But, you know, my attitude on Boston is improving little by little. Let's take things slow.

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